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Forged JE 105mm 2.0 Porsche 914/ VW Type 4 Piston Kit

Part#: VW105T4P JE
$ 646.95
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This is a new set of Type 4  105mm flat top JE Pistons and cylinders. JE Forgings are made from 2618 Aluminum, They have a 0 offset with extra material under the top for the valve pockets. This set comes with a 34.6mm Compression Height and the 24mm Pin. The slightly smaller compression height allows you to easily build small stroked engines 71 to 78mm with the Standard length rods that have the 24mm pins giving you the option to Build 2.4L and bigger Engines.


Engine Type : Porsche 914, VW Type 4, Bus or Sandrail.

Engine size: 2458cc with 71mm crank

Stroke: 71 to 78mm

Pistons: Forged JE

Compression Height: 34.60mm

Pin: 24mm

Set includes: 4 pistons, 4 pins and a set of rings

Part # VW105T4P JE