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VW Type 4 Budget Engine Rebuild Kit

Part#: EK 004 1970
$ 1,000.95

Even if items shows out of stock, please give us a call we might be able to build you the kit


Our budget Type 4 engine kit is one of the most complete on the market. Giving you all the needed parts to upgrade you 1.7/1.8L to a 2.0L with a couple of big bore kits to upgrade your currant 2.0L in to something a little bigger with minimal machine work. Avoid having to send your old crank to get reground, your flywheel to be resurfaced, and rods to be rebuilt. And save time and Money by replacing all the major parts all at once.

 This kit features the following parts:

New Chromoly 4340 Counter weighted  Crankshaft.
Rebuilt Rods   5.158" Length.
New Chromoly Light weight Flywheel  
AA Hypereutectic Piston & Cylinder kit
High Quality Rod Bearings
High Quality Cam Bearing Set
High Quality Complete Gasket set with Front & Rear Main Seals 

Please select the engine size above :

No Machine Work Required

1970 & 2055

Machine Work Required * 

2365 & 2412

* Case and Heads will need to be opened to the appropriate Bore size