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500 Series Type 1 Head "Bare/Bare"

Part#: 031 CH 500
$ 143.95
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AA 500 Series Bare Casting, It is set up to build the performance Head of your needs. It Comes bare with a 12mm plug hole, and with out Seats or Guides. Giving you the the ability to build any possible combo Street head you want.


The 500 Series Castings come STD with: Clean flowing cooling vanes, for maximum cooling through the head, and around the intake ports for increased HP and over all cooling. A modernized Combustion chamber, for increased head flow & performance. A second Full Fin, so you can Fly cut your heads deeper to achieve almost any desired Head CC volume needed. Blocked off rocker stud bosses, to eliminate the O-ring and stop possible oil leaks. Long reach 3/4 Inch Spark Plugs, to reduce the chance of cracking between the Valve seat and Plug. 


Casting: AA 500 

Valve Size: N/A

Head Bore: 85.5

Plug Size: 12mm  (Replacement NGK Number is D8EA)