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Porsche 914 / VW Type 4 2.0 Chromoly H-Beam Rod Set

Part#: 004 5158H
$ 319.95
This is a Brand New Set of  H-Beam Connecting Rods for the VW Type 4 & Porsche 914 Air Cooled Engine. These are forged Chromoly steel with high strength 5/16" ARP Style Rod Bolts. These rods are a great upgrade over stock 2.0 rods Built for stroker engines. Stronger ARP 2000 Bolts are also available as an upgrade to the 200K Bolts.

Engine: Aircooled VW Type 4/Porsche 914

Length: 5.158"

Type: 2.0 Journal

Bolt Type: 200k or ARP 2000