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Set of Porsche 914 2.0L Performance Cylinder Heads, 44X36

Part#: 039 450 94B
$ 1,755.90

This is a brand new Set of 2 High Performance Cylinder Heads for a Porsche 914 2.0L  The stock Spark plug holes will be Welded up  and relocated to the 914 2.0L position.  A 4 stud intake Manifold will be required. Heads comes with Stainless Steel 44mm Intake and a Stainless Steel 36mm Exhaust Valves, with Harden Keepers, Chromoly retainers, and Single high rev springs. They are ready to install. Made from an AMC 1.8L type 4 Casting with Breather using 8mm valve stems it is available with both single or dual high rev springs. The heads can also be opened to 103 to accommodate the larger bore sizes. 


Engine: Porsche 914 2.0L 

Springs: Single or Dual High rev

Valves: 44mm Intake by 36mm Exhaust

Casting: AMC 1.8L

Plug Size: 14mm (Replacement Bosch Number is W8CC or NGK is B5ES.)



Bore: 94, works with 94 & 96mm Kits  

Bore: 103 works with 103, 104, & 105mm Kits 

Please Pick Bore size, and Spring Upgrade when ordering Above