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Set of AMC Head 50 by 40 Valves, Dual High-Rev, Stage 2 P&P

Part#: 022 470 103B P2
$ 2,990.00

This is a brand new (Set of 2) Stage 2 Port and Polished High Performance Cylinder Heads for a Porsche 914 2.0L or Type 4 Bus/ Porsche 1.8L  On the Porsche 2.0L The Stock Spark plug holes will be welded up and relocated to the 914 2.0L position for that application. A 4 stud intake manifold will be required. Heads comes with stainless steel 50mm intake and a stainless steel 40mm exhaust valves, with harden keepers, chromoly retainers, and dual high rev springs.They are ready to install. 

Made from an AMC 1.8L type 4 casting with breather using 8mm valve stems .

The heads can also be opened to 103 to accommodate the larger bore sizes. 


Engine: Porsche 914 2.0L / Type 4, Bus Porsche 1.8L

Springs: Dual High Rev

Valves: 50mm Intake by 40mm Exhaust

Casting: AMC 1.8L

Plug Size: 14mm (Replacement Bosch Number is W8CC or NGK is B5ES.)


Bore: 103 works with 103, 104, & 105mm Kits 

Please Pick Bore size, and Spring Upgrade when ordering Above