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95.5mm 2200cc Water Cooled Big Bore Piston & Cylinder Kit

Part#: VW955WB2200
$ 289.95
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Brand new Set 95.5mm Big Bore water cooled piston and cylinders, for the 1986 to 91 Vanagon, 2.1L WaterBoxer engine. This Big Bore kit is the easiest way to turn your 2.1L into a 2.2L and give your a little more torque and HP with out any major changes. 


Engine size: 2100cc

Stroke: 76mm stroke pistons

Cylinders: Cast Iron

Pistons: Hypereutectic aluminum alloy

Compression Height: 36.8mm

Dish CC: 46cc

Set includes: 4 pistons, 4 cylinders, 4 pins, clips and a set of rings

Part # VW955WB2200