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4340 Billet Flanged Crankshaft Chevy Journal

Part#: 003 4382FB
$ 1,195.95

This is a Brand New Billet 4340 Flanged Racing Crankshaft for the VW Type 1 Air Cooled Engine. It uses T-IV main bearings and 2” Chevy rod bearings. It is CNC machined from one piece of 4340 Chromoly Billet into a counter-weighted flanged flywheel end crankshaft. It is then shot-peened, nitrided, stress relieved, micro polished and balanced. The flywheel attachment is through 6 bolts and 6 studs..


Engine: Air-cooled VW Type 1

Rod Journal: 2" Chevy

Sizes available: in "MM"

82mm Stroker

84mm Stroker

86mm Stroker 

88mm Stroker


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